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Transformable lounge / sleeping / dinning area in my sprinter van conversion is complete! I'm ready to invite up to 5 friends to join me for great meal (if i have so many of them.. whatever).

Final bed size is 200x180 cm

In this video i show full process of making curtain for my van conversion. Including metal wire hanging system, material choosing and curtains making with sewing machine and installing magnets inside. Long but very detailed video.

Astro 1442 Rivet Nut Setter Tool -

In this video i go to see some places in Messina city and during my trip to Palermo visit Milazzo beautiful views. With some life stories from that day.

During winter time i could fully charge my batteries from solar panels (they covered in snow all the time). Also i don't like to running my van engine for charging from alternator. So i got 3kW pure sine inverter with builtin battery charger and run it with 1kW gas generator.

This part is about my adventures in Taormina city and renting my campervan from Indie Campers.

Van conversion tour of Fiat Ducato i rent from Indie Campers during my Sicily (Italy) trip. Smart way to fit 4 people in a small simple van with shower, wc & kitchen. I like the layout and functionality of this build.

All rent & van rates and offers you could find on

I'm not working on or related with Indie Campers company and only could answer some questions related to this particular van i use for 5 days.

This part is about my adventures on Etna volcano. Also includes famous Catania city fishmarket.

Don't miss next part, when i finally get my campervan

In December 2017 i decide to have some vacation and go to trip to Sicily island (Italy). I rent a campervan from indiecampers there and have some amazing week driving around Sicily watching interesting things.

This part dedicated to my Catania city browsing. I arrive 14 Dec, but my campervan booked from 16 Dec so i rent a car for this 2 days (for crazy 5 euro price).

Next part will be about my adventures on Etna volcano, and after that i finally will get my campervan and going to even more interesting places. Next video will be ready very soon!

This time something special! In few easy steps i show to you how to make your own diy bluetooth wireless speaker! With some cool features like usb charging for your phone and led light to light up your camping space.

Very userful device for travel, outdoor camping and party outside. With very powerfull battery this speaker will fill up your space with music for 30-40 hours or could light up the place for 50 hours! Charge your phones and tablets few times too.


I finish my vantilation system for toilet and bathroom and it sucks! (in a good way).

Did some air tests to be sure it works. Not yet tested in real life tho.

Turbine 12v fan -
Fan spped controller -

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