Van Tourist video catalog

Welcome to full catalog of VanTourist conversion & travel project. Here you will find all videos i made about my van conversion, testing & travel. Enjoy. If you want to support me feel free to use Patreon or send directly with link. Thanks!

Main videos

Full van tour

Complete van tour

Including quick electrical & water systems view

How much van conversion costs

Full report of my van conversion expences

What i pack for travels

Quick review inside my campervan in travel. What i bring with me and where i put it

From van to camper in 10min

3 years of my work in 10 minutes timelapse. All you saw here is listed in separate videos next

Van conversion in detail


Kitchen building - PART 1

Building kitchen from IKEA cabinets.
Part 1

Kitchen building - PART 2

Building kitchen from IKEA cabinets.
Part 2

Kitchen Q&A

Q&A about my kitchen build

Shower/toilet cabin

Shower/toilet PART 1

Вuilding my shower & toilet - part 1

Shower/toilet PART 2

Вuilding my shower & toilet - part 2

Shower/toilet PART 3

Вuilding my shower & toilet - part 3

Shower/toilet ventilation

Вuilding my shower & toilet ventilation system

Sleeping/lounge area

Bed wooden frames

Making wooden frames for bed

Raising floor in middle

Raising floor in bed area

Bed area table/middle section

Making table/middle section in bed area

Bed cushions

Making cushions for bed/lounge area

Front couch

Front couch

Building front storage couch

Front couch table

Building table for front couch

Swivel base for passenger seat

I install swivel seat base for passenger


Top bed cabinets

Building top bed cabinets

kitchen & front cabinets

Building kitchen & front cabinets

Light in cabinets

Installing automatic light in cabinets


Solar panels

Installing solar panels & batteries

Solar theory

How to choose solar panels, controllers & batteries for your needs

12V-12V charger

Installing TRIK-L-START second battery charger

Dual battery setup

Installing automatic relay for dual battery charging

Power monitor

Installing 12V DC power meter

LED ceiling lights

Adding 3 LED lights to my ceiling

Water system

Water system

Water system installation, exlanation & tests including water heater

Water level gauges

Testing & review of coolest water level gauges you will ever find

Grey water tank

Mounting grey water tank under my van

Improving tank mount

Improving & reinforcing grey water tank mount

Insulation, heating & ventilation

Insulating my van

Insulation theory & practice in my van

Installation of two vents with fans

I install two fan-tastic vents with fans

Titan\s ventilation solutions review

Review of Titan' ventilation solustions

Decoration & paneling

Wooden floor in my van

How we put engineered wood in my campervan

Bed side paneling

Decorating bed frames with plastic panels

Making curtains

Final curtains look different, but made same way

Covering metal walls with eco-leather

Eco leather is fake leather, but looks pretty good and easy to do

Addition equipement

Installing backup cameras

Mini washing machine test & review

Installing parking sensors

Wireless parking sensors review

From FenSens

Bonus materials

How to search free great places to stay in Europe

With park4night app

Travel vlogs

Norway 2018

Playlist off all Norway trip videos