In this video i go to see some places in Messina city and during my trip to Palermo visit Milazzo beautiful views. With some life stories from that day.

This part is about my adventures in Taormina city and renting my campervan from Indie Campers.

This part is about my adventures on Etna volcano. Also includes famous Catania city fishmarket.

Don't miss next part, when i finally get my campervan

In December 2017 i decide to have some vacation and go to trip to Sicily island (Italy). I rent a campervan from indiecampers there and have some amazing week driving around Sicily watching interesting things.

This part dedicated to my Catania city browsing. I arrive 14 Dec, but my campervan booked from 16 Dec so i rent a car for this 2 days (for crazy 5 euro price).

Next part will be about my adventures on Etna volcano, and after that i finally will get my campervan and going to even more interesting places. Next video will be ready very soon!