Hot items

DC-DC 12V 30A battery charger
Charger for additional batteries from car alternator (12V). 30A power, works with flooded, gel/agm or lithium batteries (Lifepo4)
Wireless battery power / wattage Meter
Counts batteries charge and discharge and shows home many percentages left. No complicated wiring needed, just put the negative wire you want to measure trough this device measuring ring
Inverter charger 1500W
Advanced ups type inverter with pure sine wave 3500W power, battery charger, and pass-through AC mains
Lightweight solar panel 150W
150W solar panel with aluminum frame and PV cover on top. Not as durable as tempered glass, but weighs 3 times less. A most popular type of solar panels to use on a campervan. Just add PWM or mppt controller and battery for the basic solar system.
Diesel heater 5kW
5kW diasel heater. Plenty of power for most situations. Freezing cold outside not a problem anymore. Has separate tank or could be connected to main diesel tank. Wired & wireless remotes included
MPPT Solar charge controller
One of the best mppt budget controllers around. Works great and easy. Plug and play type of installation. Just connect it to batteries and connect solar panels to it. Done. You charging. Models from 10A to 40A available. Many accessories could be purchased separately.
Battery isolator relay 140A automatic
A very useful tool to build two batteries setup with automatic connection and disconnection on the right situation. Automatically separates batteries while staying and connects all batteries together while engine running for charging
12V car roof ac conditioner split system
Real car AC split system (with internal and external units) that you could install on your van by yourself. On of the few complete all-in-one a/c systems on a market with all you need including in the package. 600-1000W 12V power consumption.
Heavy Duty 4 Way Bus 300A
Heavy Duty 4 Way Bus Bar/Power Distribution Box With Screw On Cover - 300A. To organize your wiring and devices connections in the right way
Roof vent with fan and light
Roof vent with fan and lights. 12V fan could extract or blow air inside. No speed control (but you can add it yourself). Full vent size fan blows a good amount of air. 4 LED lights work with separate switch (no-lights model available too)
Lithium battery 100/200Ah
LiFePo4 lithium battery of 100 or 200Ah capacity. With all protection, connections, and balancing board (BMS). The continuous discharge current of 100A, Instantaneous discharge current 200A. A good alternative to lead-acid/AGM/gel batteries. Accepts full discharge without damage and much lighter.
DC-DC 12V 60A battery charger
Charger for additional batteries from car alternator (12V). 60A power, works with flooded, gel/agm or lithium batteries (Lifepo4)
Switch panel with usb, voltmeter and 12V socket
5-switch panel with 2xUSB charger to control all devices in your van. Also has a 12V cigarette lighter socket and voltmeter.
SeaFlo pump 12V
One of the best china pumps from seaflo brand. Works from 12V. If you need something even better - search for shurflo (but it costs 2-3 times more)
Swivel seat base platform
Universal budget swivel seat base for driver or passenger seat. Could require some modification during installation (it could not have holes for your particular seat model)
Roof Vent with a Fan 11"
Budget roof vent with a fan. 11" size. Can blow air in and out. Manual lead operation and no speed control. Chep and simple. Keep in mind small size (standard is 14")
Pure sine wave inverter 1500W
Good budget 1500W pure sine inverter. No battery charging function. For this purpose, you need to get an inverter-charging model or a separate charger.
Sunshade for car
A compact retractable sunshade for the car (different sizes available) will protect you from the sun and give you privacy.
LPG instant water heater
Instant Tankless Hot Water Heater Boiler + Shower Head. Works on LPG and not requiring external exhaust pipe (if mounted in a ventilated area). Ideal for camping purpose
Inverter charger 3500W
Advanced ups type inverter with pure sine wave 3500W power, battery charger, and pass-through AC mains
12 fuse box with bolt connections
A fuse box with 12 bolt wire connections and 12 fuse holders for every connection. Also has fuseless connections for negative wire. All in one box type. The total limit is 100Amps, 30A each output.
600A power breaker switch
Very powerfull power breaker. Good to be installed right on main power wire from batteries for emergency cut off and not use power off
12V car ac conditioner split system
Real car AC split system (with internal and external units) that you could install on your van by yourself. On of the few complete all-in-one a/c systems on a market with all you need including in the package. 600-1000W 12V power consumption.
Smart car OBD digital meter
Very configurable car scanner/meter with a lot of data including fuel consumption, oil temperature, distance and time of ride, engine load and many more. Very useful to old vans without smart modern displays and computers
Portable power generator 50Ah
All in One power source for easy use in van life. 50A Lithium battery. AC output of 500W (pure sine), DC and USB output. Charges from AC, car DC or solar panels. Easy to carry and use
Inverter charger with 3000W power
One of the most powerful inverter-chargers around. With battery type setting and 75A charge rate. Suitable for 400A+ battery system. Pure sine 3kW (with 6kW surge). With mains AC connection pass trough mains power to your devices and activates charger
Push-button locks handle
Push-button locks handle for drawers and cupboards. Will hold your doors while driving and unlocks, retracts work as a handle after button push. A very popular choice for RVs
Ultra portable cloth washing machine
Super compact foldable clothes washing machine. Not very spacious, but super compact and could help you with everyday small washing during travels. Works on AC power and requires only 40W to operate
Automatic pump with faucet
Easy to install self-priming pump (with pressure relay) and compact faucet with switch
Mobile Android projector BYINTEK P20
Could be used to watch movies from USB, HDMI or phone. Or you could just connect it to wifi and use youtube or Netflix directly on the projector. Very bright and good quality for this size and price range. Could work 1.5-2 hours from internal battery and charges from USB. Have small speaker and 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth for external
20cm exhaust fan
Small 20cm exhaust vent with a fan. Could be used for kitchen smells removing or shower/toilet refresh and drying. Looks good, low noise, budget.
Induction cooktop 800W
Small 800W max induction cooktop. Could be used as a portable device or mounted into a kitchen worktop. Two models on the product page - with buttons placed on cooktop itself or with separate wired remote (with more functions)
Inverter charger 2500W
Advanced ups type inverter with pure sine wave 2500W power, battery charger, and pass-through AC mains
Corner swivel table mount
Corner table mounts with swivel and very customizable mechanism. Copy of Lagun table mount but 2-4 times cheaper and easy to get outside of UK
Compressor 12V fridge - 35L-55L capacity
from 35L to 55L compressor fridge from popular Alpicool brand. Works directly from 12V power and for this days compressor fridges are the most effective way to cool down your food from 12V
Single burner gas cooktop
Cheap single burner natural or liquid gas cooktop. Installation into the worktop surface. Looks and works well for budget.
12V car fuse 20-150A rate
Special car fuse for 12/24V system. On the product page, you could choose from 20 to 150A rate. Also convenient to use it as a simple switch to break the circuit manually with a button
Camper steel sink with a lead
If you want to have real camper equipment - very similar to factory steel sink with lead and folding mixer tap. 420 x 370 x 160 mm type.
Water level sensor & gauge
Beautiful and precise water level gauge. Black and white colors and backlight. Works on 12V with water sensor (could be found оn product page too). Fits tanks from 150mm to 450m in height
Lithium battery 200Ah
LiFePO4 battery of 200Ah capacity. Could provide up to 200A continuous power (320A peak). Have all protection and balancing boards inside. Weighs only 18kg
Portable solar panel 80-300W
Portable solar panel with a soft foldable cover. Not as effective as normal 100W panel, but easy to use and put directly under the sun or carry from one place to another.
Grill mats for charcoal BBQ
A cheap and convenient way to keep your grill clean. Just put this mat on the net and cook on it. Meat, vegetables, sausage, or even eggs. Easy to clean and use again
Light camping cooking and tableware
Light plates, dishes, silverware, cooking pans, and other tools for making food in a wild. Many different sets could be chosen on the product page. Very light and compact to store.