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A compact retractable sunshade for the car (different sizes available) will protect you from the sun and give you privacy.
Breaking light with a parking camera. You could choose the option with a camera only or add a display to place as a rear view mirror. A good way to install 2 in 1 device for safety parking
Very configurable car scanner/meter with a lot of data including fuel consumption, oil temperature, distance and time of ride, engine load and many more. Very useful to old vans without smart modern displays and computers
Parking monitor with 8 sensors (4+4 front and rear) and camera with a display. All in one solution for parking assistance of big vehicle
Install this 2D level sensor on a flat surface and you will always know how flat your position while parking
Universal budget swivel seat base for driver or passenger seat. Could require some modification during installation (it could not have holes for your particular seat model)
Car speed projection display with kmp/mph choice and other information. Can also show time/fuel consumption/engine temperature or RPM
Portable car jump starter (booster) for starting your engine with a dead battery. Also has 4usb ports, 12v output, and laptop charge adapters. So its also a very capable power bank and camping device
Small, easy to use, and cheap tire pressure meter with backlight display. Easy to have for any driver and car traveler
Umbrella-type car windows sunshade cover. Two sizes are available. Convenient to use and store
High resolution modern dvr camera with wifi, voice control, GPS and other features
Simple and cheap tire pressure monitor with digital display with pressure and temperature monitoring for each tire. Easy to install instead of standard plastic cups. Works from solar power or MicroUSB cable. Turns off and on automatically
Simple and cheap LED lights for additional light. Cover not very long distance, more about flood corner lighting around.
Buying your vehicle with useful tools. Dont believe car seller, check paint thickness yourself and get information on what parts were damaged and repaired. Costs few bucks could save few hundreds
Car Air Compressor with light and battery. Also, has a display for tire pressure control and settings