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Manual 12Power 10Bits 6Fasteners 3Measure 2
14pcs/ 9pcs Drill Bit for making pocket holes. Helps make wood connections strong and invisible
Drill/screwdriver river nut adapter. Could set any rivet in seconds. A couple of hundreds of rivets with this device, not a big problem. Adapters for different rivet sizes included
HSS Steel Large Step Cone Drill Set, which is made from HSS steel, and Titanium coated to reduce friction and heat. Very suitable for using to cut holes in a variety of materials including steel, brass, wood, plastic, etc
5pcs Forstner Wood Drill Bit Set 15MM 20MM 25MM 30MM 35MM Helps with furniture hinges installation
Four-piece set includes bits for drilling pilot holes for screw sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Specially designed steel counter sleeve countersinks or counter bores pilot hole. Adjustable counter sleeve depth with a wrench
Grinding drills set for woodworking and carfting