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Push-button locks handle for drawers and cupboards. Will hold your doors while driving and unlocks, retracts work as a handle after button push. A very popular choice for RVs
Interesting and good looking way to hold your furniture doors and drawers during driving. On the cons side - very small screens, so you could change them to longer ones or use nails as I did
Flush mount handles with locks which will prevent your shelf, drawers, etc. from opening while driving
Cheap and simple door holders for your fridge, drawers, and cupboards to prevent opening while driving.
Hydraulic soft operating hinges with easy mount. Pretty powerful. 2-3 hinges could hold the shelf door upwards without any other support.
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Updated, larger size (26mm hole) buttons with push-lock. Prevent your drawers and shelves from opening while driving. Very popular in RVs
Super strong Neodymium Magnets 20x20x10mm for many purposes. Can hold curtains, bags, napkins, towels, and other small things.
Good for shower, cabin area, windows etc.
Massive load slider up to 150kg with 30 to 100cm size
Magnetic Carabiner Hook has up to 35LBS of pull strength easy-clip carabiner hook. Without using nails or screws, unit may be used indoors or outdoors to permanently or temporarily attach to various ferrous metal surfaces
Very convenient RV accessory - hooks with magnetic base mount. Very strong, could hold light coats, towels, bags, etc. even while driving. A good way to hook something outside a van for drying
The black variant of locking handles to fix your furniture from opening while driving. On this page, you will find also sliver color option.
Very strong suction cup for fixing tents, shades or anything to your car or van