12V / USB / Voltemeter panel
Easy to install pane with 3 modules: 2xUSB charger, 12V cigarette lighter socket, and voltmeter (with color choice)
European camping adapter
European camping adapter for connecting your AC power to special camping socket
European camping socket
Standart connection socket for European camping grounds. Protected from water and rains. Black and white colors available + sockets
Thin 2xUSB socket charger
Thin USB socket charging port with 2 inlets. COuld be placed anywhere and not require special preparation inside the installation place.
2xUSB charger socket
Good looking 2xUSB charging socket (1A + 2.4A) that connects directly to 12V car power. Has a rubber cap for water and dust protection, but it could be removed. Asy to mount and connect
USB charger socket 60W
Powerfull 60W with typeC and USB charger. Supporting quick charge formats
Rectangle 2xUSB sockets 12V
Rare rectangle format 2xUSB sockets for 12V connetction. Max charge current 3.1A for both ports