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A very useful tool to build two batteries setup with automatic connection and disconnection on the right situation. Automatically separates batteries while staying and connects all batteries together while engine running for charging
Heavy Duty 4 Way Bus Bar/Power Distribution Box With Screw On Cover - 300A. To organize your wiring and devices connections in the right way
If your devices requires more precise voltage this Stabilizer can make 12V stable voltage from 8-40V input. This is 3A (36W) model
Simple controllable relay with 100/120 or 200A rating (you can choose on the product page) for 12 or 24V. Could be used to manual breaker with main and secondary batteries system
A convenient way to connect the main wires to batteries. Fast connection clamps with big gauge AWG wire screw terminals
Fast and easy to use wire connectors. A big choice of different options of terminals type and amount on the product page. One of the most popular ways to connect wires in a campervan for begginers