Outdoor tent for shower/toilet
Big Camping Shower Tent with 1.2m wide and 2.1m height size. Could be used for your toilet or summer shower needs.
Car shade tent
Tent shade for cars, campervans or motorhomes
Storage net
Easy to install storage net for your small storage needs
Sleeping bag with USB heating
A sleeping bag that could heat you with 4 heating pads inside. Works from USB (socket or power bank for 4-10 hours - not included).
Camping hammock (wide or not)
Budget camping hammock from strong cotton material. Different colors and wide or standard models available for choosing on the product page.
Tent 3x3m tarp
Nylon coating for outdoor camping. Will protect you from rain and sun. Fix one side to the van and other to nearby trees - your temp shelter is ready
Waterproof rain coat
Rain coat (different sizes and colors available). Will protects you from rain and wind conditions and fits in a small portable bag