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103.32 $
Roof vent with fan and lights. 12V fan could extract or blow air inside. No speed control (but you can add it yourself). Full vent size fan blows a good amount of air. 4 LED lights work with separate switch (no-lights model available too)
69.85 $
Budget roof vent with a fan. 11" size. Can blow air in and out. Manual lead operation and no speed control. Chep and simple. Keep in mind small size (standard is 14")
Small 20cm exhaust vent with a fan. Could be used for kitchen smells removing or shower/toilet refresh and drying. Looks good, low noise, budget.
Simple small yet effective exhaust fan for spaces like bathroom, toilet or kitchen in a campervan. Very important for removing smells and moisture
Roof vent with fan and lights. 12V fan could extract or blow air inside. Full speed control and remote. 4 LED lights work with separate switches. Motorized lead and rain sensor. Smaller size 28" (standard is 40")
Size from 500x300mm to 1450x500mm
Very advanced roof vent with fan, remote, and wall panel control. Motorized lead, rain sensor, lots of speed options. Full electronic operation, very luxury vent.
Size from 500x300mm to 1100х450mm
Clip mound fan with 3-speed modes, the battery inside, and USB charging. A big help for heat ventilation in summer days
37.62 $
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25W 12V side air vent. Ideal for cooking or shower exhaust, fridge backside cooling