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Could be used to watch movies from USB, HDMI or phone. Or you could just connect it to wifi and use youtube or Netflix directly on the projector. Very bright and good quality for this size and price range. Could work 1.5-2 hours from internal battery and charges from USB. Have small speaker and 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth for external
19" foldable ceiling monitor monitor with hdmi, usb and video inputs and many video formats supported for entertaiment.
Pocket size color photo printer working wirelessly with your phone. Could print color photos just in seconds wherever you will need it for good memories. Works with special paper (could be purchased on the product page)
Set of 1-4 wireless cameras (could be chosen on the product page) and 7-inch monitor. An ideal option if you dont want place wiring all around you campervan after build finished
Serious CCTV system for your security with 4 cameras (with night vision), central brain and monitor. Could record (loop) and view
AllinOne multimedia player for a camper with 12V connection, big display, mp3, mp4 player, Bluetooth, amplifier, and memory card slot. Easy way to get the capable multimedia station in RV
Very popular budget long-range (up to 2-5 miles) portable radio (walkie talkie). Has a LOT of functions, settings, and capability. Travelers communication standard in the wild.
Easy way to make compact Bluetooth audio in a camper. The amplifier connects to 12V and could play music via Bluetooth or a 2.5mm jack. Has stereo output where you connect any passive speakers. Done.
2Din big multimedia player with android and 7" screen. Has some physical buttons for easy control. AUX, USB, and many functions on a budget.
A very popular choice for wireless music solution on a budget. Clear and loud, tested by thousands. Up to 24 hours of music on one charge. Compact and good quality
A budget compact speaker from the brand. Convenient to bring with you to walk and picnic