Light camping cooking and tableware
Light plates, dishes, silverware, cooking pans, and other tools for making food in a wild. Many different sets could be chosen on the product page. Very light and compact to store.
Grill mats for charcoal BBQ
A cheap and convenient way to keep your grill clean. Just put this mat on the net and cook on it. Meat, vegetables, sausage, or even eggs. Easy to clean and use again
Outdoor tent for shower/toilet
Big Camping Shower Tent with 1.2m wide and 2.1m height size. Could be used for your toilet or summer shower needs.
Big mosquito net
Huge mosquito net with the size of van sliding door. Mad with two sides which hold together by magnets
Car shade tent
Tent shade for cars, campervans or motorhomes
Mosquito Repellent with battery
Compact mosquito repellent works on 2xAA batteries and repellent film. Two batteries and film work for 90 days (8h/day usage)
Propane/LPG stove cooktop
Simple touristic stove works from LPG/propane cans or hose connection. Has a case for storage and transport. Light and compact.
Storage net
Easy to install storage net for your small storage needs
Nitecore Tup Light
Modern very bright light with the display, many power modes, and rechargeable by MicroUSB battery.
Camping ligth with powerbank
Multifunctional cheap light with magnetic mount. Could light from the front or from the side (3 white modes and one yellow "antimosquito") plus USB socket to charge your devices
Sleeping bag with USB heating
A sleeping bag that could heat you with 4 heating pads inside. Works from USB (socket or power bank for 4-10 hours - not included).
Camping hammock (wide or not)
Budget camping hammock from strong cotton material. Different colors and wide or standard models available for choosing on the product page.
Propane gas tourch
Advanced LPG/propane torch for touristic cans. Has ignition and gas flow control. Start your fires or BBQs in minutes without any complicated process
Gas stove adapter
Adapter with touristic propane cans one side and threaded LPG tanks on another
Tent 3x3m tarp
Nylon coating for outdoor camping. Will protect you from rain and sun. Fix one side to the van and other to nearby trees - your temp shelter is ready
Charcoal foldable grill
Compact grill with foldable construction. Very easy and fast to unfold.
Waterproof rain coat
Rain coat (different sizes and colors available). Will protects you from rain and wind conditions and fits in a small portable bag
GPS tracker/reciever
Handheld GPS receiver tracker & location finder with Compass for Outdoor Travel
Portable USB mosquito killer
Very useful mosquito repellent for camping and vanlife. Working from USB from any usb socket in campervan or powerbank. Repellent tablets could be found on product page too
Wind protection cooking plates
8-10 plates shield with a bag for protecting your gas cooker from wind or your furniture from splashes and oil
Portable wood saw
Compact camping wood saw. For everyday use and work you should find something more serious but for occasional usage its good
Portable gas stove
Foldable camping stove for lpg or propane touristic gas tanks. Very compact but unfolds into big 16cm stove