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If you want to have real camper equipment - very similar to factory steel sink with lead and folding mixer tap. 420 x 370 x 160 mm type.
Mini electrical grinder/chopper for grinding berries, fruits, or vegetables. Works on an internal battery and will help you cook some special dishes far away from mains and kitchen equipment. 100 or 250ml cups for your choice
22.99 $
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Small blender that works on rechargeable battery (15 cups on one charge). Put the cut fruit into the cup and add water, milk or ice. Blend and enjoy
Compact corner installation hand wash sink for campervans
12.83 $
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Beautiful kitchen timer. Time sets by the outside wheel and the main button are the whole front panel. Easy to set and use. Works on batteries.
Small dish washing machine up to 5-6 sets. 3L of water for cycle. 800W maximum power. 450 х 400 х 440 mm size
Special rv/campervan kitchen exhaust with light and different fan modes. Works from 12V and exhausting air to the side not taking space from top shelfs