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LED light with motion sensor, magnetic mount, and USB charging the internal battery. Ideal to easily light up drawers, garages, and technical areas without complicated electrical wiring
Very flat and good looking square matt ceiling light. You can choose different wattage (and sizes) and color temperature. It lights up with a led strip inside producing a very even and comfortable light around.
Flexible light working from 12V with many power and color options on the product page. Ideal to install in areas with local light needs (near dorrs, beds, cabin)
Good quality budget LED lamps with corner profile construction. Three color temperature for your choice on the product page with clear or matt surface. 5pcs in one lot
Cute cheap fairy lights. Available with different lengths and USB or batteries as a power source. 5m+ lights could work as the main evening light in a van.
Ceiling/wall light with easy mount (no holes needed). Only 6cm thickness and easy to control brightness and switch on off with touch sensor button on the light
Available with different lengths fairy lights connects directly to 12V power. With 5m+ could work as a main light source in the evening.
Easy to mount ceiling light with 3 way switch off - half-light (3w) - full light (6w). Connects directly to 12V power
Easy to mount and connect ceiling lights. 2 pcs included. You could choose a model with a switch or not and two color temperatures. 114cm size, 22mm thick, 4w power