Switch panel with usb, voltmeter and 12V socket
5-switch panel with 2xUSB charger to control all devices in your van. Also has a 12V cigarette lighter socket and voltmeter.
600A power breaker switch
Very powerfull power breaker. Good to be installed right on main power wire from batteries for emergency cut off and not use power off
Buttons/switches with light ring
Very good looking metal push down buttons with different colors glow rings. Very soft light ring. You can choose different colors and sizes of the product page
50-200A power switch
High power switch/breakers from 50 to 200A wiring. Could be installed as an emergency breaker or main power switch.
AC timer switch
Electrical switch with a mechanical timer of 30, 60, or 120 min. Nice switch to place with a devices you use only time to time with a time limit (water heater)
6gang switch with relays
Powerful set of 6 switch buttons for equipment control. With relays up to 40A you can control high amp equipment like light bars