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My tank is black and not transparent, and i want to know how much water left in it. For this purpose i male water level sensors with led indication for just $17

It cheap and great working. Happy with the result!

My bed was to high so i decide to build a second floor there

It also helps to future table and makes some storage between the floors!

How to make a cheap very handy device for your van or workplace

Enjoy! All the items in the youtube video description

In this video i show how i build a bed frame from wood in all details

Tried to make it more fun and informative this time, enjoy!

This video shows detail process and result of mounting 8 sensors parking system by DIY mercedes sprinter van conversion.

Very useful modification of my van

In this video you can find some information about insulating your van for temperature and sound proof control.

I show to you some insulation types and actually put layers of material in my van during campervan conversion

This video shows installation of TRIK-L-START 12V-12V battery charger & maintainer.

I install it in my system because my van start battery becomes empty time to time and i need some power source to charge it.

You can read more about device here">
All other information provided in video

In this video i actually installing 420W solar panels, charging controller and 400Ah batteries system in my van!

Enjoy and leave your questions if you have any!

It has 5 parts: Solar panels, Batteries, Charging controllers, Wires & Power calculation. After watching this 35 minute movie you will know all the basic needs to choose and install solar power in your van a small house.

This video made for answering all basic solar theory question before i publish actual video of mounting solar panels on my van. Enjoy!

I love wooden floors and from very start of my project i decided that my floor will be wooden no matter what. I choose hardwood floor for total 180 euros to install in my van by myself with help from my friends and we did the great job!

Feels and looks very nice

This video quickly shows recent changes in my van conversion project: installed tinted windows, new leather ceiling, diesel heater and other small things.

Feel free to ask me anything about my project and subscribe for next videos!

When you going reverse with 7 meters van you definitely need something to control distance behind. For this purpose i bought and installed myself two backup cameras (one for reverse and one as back mirror for normal driving) and 7" monitor

Really big difference and much easier for driving now!

When i remove floor panels in cargo area of my van i saw some rust and dirty condition, so i decide to repaint whole floor

Now my floor ready for insulation!

I need to put insulation on sides of my van, so i have to remove wooden panels there

Next step will be floor removing and putting insulation!

Dreams become true - now i'm proud owner of 2008 Mercedes Sprinter long base high roof van!

This is my future home and partner in travel. So many plans in mind!

In this video i show you my tools, that i bought to do my project of building motorhome

Enjoy! More video coming soon!

This is a first video in my blog, where i want to introduce myself and my project. I tell about my future ideas, needs and plans.

It ia s quite long video - about 24mins and i hope you not bored while watching. I already have next 3 videos in production, so subscribe to my youtube channel and you will see them in a week or two!

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